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It is a mandatory requirement that all adult bench staff and volunteers provide a current Criminal Background Check / Police Record Check (Vulnerable Sector). Please contact the St. Marys Ringette Association President for a letter to request your Police Check to ensure you are not charged a fee. Your Police Check is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Head coaches need to ensure all bench staff have provided up to date Police Record Checks to the Association Secretary.


All Bench Staff are required to sign the ORA Bench Staff Code of ConductThe completed form is to be submitted to the St Marys Ringete Association Registrar no later than November 15, 2016.


A summary of the Ontario Ringette Bench Staff Qualification Requirements can be found on the Ontario Ringette Association website. Additional information on bench staff requirements, responsibilities and qualifications can also be found in the  ORA Operating Manual, Coaching Section (pgs. 4- 11).


Regional Team Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches:

Introduction to Coaching Ringette Clinic

All new coaches who have not completed ringette training to this point will have to complete the Introduction to Coaching Ringette Clinic. 

This is a standalone three-hour online course, and you must first complete this course in order to register for CSI or CI training.

Community Sport Initiation (CSI)

Head Coaches of U8 Regional teams need to be CSI trained.
Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches of U9, U10 and U12 Regional teams need to be CSI trained.
This is one-day clinic. 

Competition Introduction (CI)

Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches of U12 Provincial and A level U14, U16 and U19 teams need to be CI trained. 
Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches of U14, U16 and U19 Regional level teams without prior CSI training must also be CI trained. 
Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches of U14, U16 and U19 Regional level teams with CSI qualifications prior to 2015 will be required to be CI trained by January 8, 2019. 
This is a two-day course and includes a separate workbook pre-assignment that you need to complete before you can register

Intro to Ringette Coaching, CSI and CI coaching clinics must be completed by January 8, 2017. Any unqualified bench staff will be removed from the TRF and bench as of January 9th, 2017.

Competition Introduction (CI) - Certified

Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches of AA-level teams must become ‘CI Certified’ which involves first attending the CI clinic, and then completing the CI on-ice evaluation.

All AA Coaches must be CI trained by January 8, 2017 and the CI Evaluation must be successfully completed by January 31, 2017.

MED (Make Ethical Decisions)

ALL Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must also become MED (Make Ethical Decisions) Certified. This involves completion of a standalone three-hour MED clinic, followed by a separate MED online examination completed through the Coaching Canada Association of Canada (CAC) Website. 

All coaches must complete the Making Ethical Decisions Clinic and Evaluation by January 31, 2017.


Managers do not need to attend a coaching clinic but are required to complete the Manager Certification Program, available online on the Ringette Canada website. This link will guide you through the enrolment process and the course cost is $25.


Trainers must have First Aid Certification. The recommended course offered through the St. John Ambulance program is Standard First Aid with CPR- C (Adult/Child/Infant) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

NOTE: Trainers on U12 Provincial, A and AA level teams must also attend either a CSI or CI coaching clinic. It is recommended that trainers with CSI or CI training complete the MED training and online evaluation; however, it not a requirement at this point.

NOTE: All teams must have at least one Bench Staff member who has First Aid Certification. It is highly recommended that this person be present at all games and team activities. Note that this person does not have to have the title of ‘Trainer’; it can be one of the coaches.


Initial Steps:

All coaches will first need to register with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and obtain their NCCP# (National Coaching Certification Program). For registration instructions, click here. Your NCCP profile contains your current coaching qualifications, history of all completed training, as well as progress against maintaining certification

You will also need to be registered on Ringette Canada’s Coaching Website. Click on the SIGN UP button in the bottom-left corner of the webpage to register.

To register for the Introduction to Ringette Coaching Clinic:

Sign-in to the Ringette Canada’s Coaching Website, and click on “Course Listing” near the top left corner of the page. If you are a new ringette coach, you must first complete this course prior to taking CSI or CI training. 

To attend a CSI Clinic:

Sign-in to the Ringette Canada’s Coaching Website, and click on “CLINIC” at the top of your status page. Find the CSI clinic you wish to attend and follow the instructions to register. 

To attend a CI Clinic:

Sign-in to the Ringette Canada’s Coaching Website, and click on “CLINIC” at the top of your status page. Find the CI clinic you wish to attend and click on the “workbook required” link. This will take you back to your Ringette Canada status page, where you will be required to register to complete the course pre-assignment workbook (the WORKBOOK link is found under the Competition Introduction section). Once you have completed the workbook, you can follow the same steps to register for the CI Clinic

To request a CI Evaluation (AA coaches only):

Once CI-trained, coaches that wish to become CI-Certified will need to undergo an in-practice evaluation. Instructions on how to request a Competition Introduction Evaluation are posted on the ORA website under Evaluations Tab on the Coaching page. 

To attend an MED (Make Ethical Decision) Clinic:

Similar to registering for CSI or CI clinics, you can register through Ringette Canada’s Coaching Websiteand click on “Course Listing” near the top left of the page. Find the MED clinic you wish to attend and follow the instructions to register. You also have the option of registering for in-person or online courses offered by the Coaches Association of Ontario – You can find their current course calendar here.

To complete the MED (Make Ethical Decisions) Evaluation:

Visit the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) homepage, click on The Locker (top right) and sign in with your NCCP user name and password. Once you have signed in, click on e-learning (top left), where you will then be able to select and complete the MED (Make Ethical Decisions) online evaluation. IMPORTANT: There are different versions of MED exams offered (e.g. Community Sport Initiation MED and Competition Introduction MED). Be sure to register for the appropriate MED exam that corresponds to your coaching qualifications / level being coached.

IMPORTANT- Final Steps to Follow to Become MED Certified-

More information and instructions on completing the MED course and evaluation can be found by visiting the CAC site under  Coaching Association of Canada - MED, and, by visiting the ORA link at Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Certification.

Once you have successfully completed your MED evaluation, follow the required steps at the bottom of the ORA link listed above to ensure that the ORA Bench Staff Qualifications Database is updated with your MED qualifications.


Be sure to keep your CAC coaching profile current by periodically updating your coaching records, and consider additional / optional online developmental courses which are offered in the CAC e-learning portal. Completion of these courses can also help to maintain coaching certification. 

Click on the following link for more information on Maintaining your Coaching Certification.


Be sure to visit the Coaching section of the ORA website. You will find answers to a number of FAQs regarding coaching requirements and qualifications, Coaching Clinic Reference Materials and other Coaching Resources.

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